Credit Scores


Sunday, February 27, 2011

A FICO score rating is a credit rating “number” given to consumers. FICO stands for Fair, Isaac and Company and the FICO score rating was developed in 1989. This is a score that is used by lenders sometimes separate from or in addition to a score provided by the three major Credit Reporting Agencies – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax (although Equifax is affiliated with FICO so they will provide you with a FICO score when requesting a credit report).

If you don’t know what your FICO score is, you should find out. The reason why this is important is because lenders will determine the type of loan they will offer you based on your credit history, employment history, other factors, credit reports and the FICO score. The numbers range between 350 and 800. The “average” score is about 725 to 750.

How is a FICO Score / Rating Determined?

Here’s general guideline of what the FICO score / rating numbers mean:

750 to 850 – Excellent

660 to 749 – Good

620 to 659 – Fair

350 to 619 – Poor

How is the FICO score rating determined? As a general rule, following factors help determine your FICO score:

35%, punctuality of payment in the past (only includes payments later than 30 days past due)

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