Lock Extensions Cost Money – Blame it on Investors

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Written by Guest Blogger Jennifer Fortier of Stratmor Group
Originally published in Rob Chrisman’s Daily Mortgage News and Commentary

When a borrower locks a rate with a lender, the lender promises to hold that rate for the borrower until the loan closes. But there is a deadline and moving that deadline back costs money. Depending on what the mortgage rates are doing, this sometimes makes perfect sense to everyone, but other times, it seems counter-intuitive. This is the story behind the “extension fee”.

The Risk of the Borrower Lock

When a lender takes a rate lock, it takes on risk. The lender grants a lock today on a promise by the borrower to close a loan in the future, say 30 days later. Between today and the day the loan closes, the market is likely to fluctuate at least a little, and sometimes quite a lot. This leaves uncertainty about…

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