100% Rural Housing loan in Kentucky

100% Rural Housing loan in Kentucky

Do you realize that a 1 -4 person household can have income of $74,050, and a 5-8 person household up to $97,750 and qualify for a 100% Rural Housing loan in Kentucky?


And, do you realize that qualifying income limits may be pushed even HIGHER using standard eligible deductions including child care expenses, deductions for members of household under 18 and more (use the calculator and select income eligibility at http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov to find more exemptions)   


Many, many more properties are eligible than most people realize, and the pricing is great with only two possible adjustments, and it’s a super easy loan to process…with only one other form that a conventional loan, and turn times are excellent these days!!!


Check out Rural Housing, an unbelievably great loan for both you and your borrower!!!


A few highlights and sample pricing below


No monthly mortgage insurance

Loans up to 100% of appraised value

6% seller concessions for closing costs and prepaids

Minimum credit score 620

Maximum DTI of 50%

Conventional loan packaging with only 1 extra form



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