>KHC’s Homeownership Counseling

>Homeownership Counseling

If your KHC home loan application was denied because of your credit history, KHC’s Homeownership Counseling Program may be able to help.

Homeownership counseling is a one-on-one discussion with a financial counseling professional who can help you through the home purchasing process. The counselor will help you develop a budget and savings plan, identify and clean up credit problems and prepare to apply for a home loan.

Who is eligible for counseling?

KHC contracts with agencies and counselors to provide counseling services to these individuals:

KHC Family Self-Sufficiency Program participants

KHC-eligible home buyers who have been declined financing by KHC or KHC-approved lenders because of poor credit

Yes You Can … Own A Home graduates

If you are interested in working with a KHC-approved counselor, the KHC Homeownership Counselor List link below can help you find a counselor in your area.

Approved Counseling & Homebuyer Education Agency List

Just for Counselors

Are you already a KHC-approved counselor? Our program provides you with training, forms and other information to assist you in working with your clients.

Learn more about becoming a KHC-approved counselor


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