Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates


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15 Year Fixed Conventional                    3.75%            3.874% apr

30 Year Fixed Conventional                    4.25%            4.487% apr

30 Year Fixed Kentucky FHA                  3.75%            5.187%apr

30 Year Fixed Kentucky USDA                3.75%            3.971% apr

30 year Fixed Kentucky VA                      3.75%             3.784% apr

*Rates vary by geographic location, loan amount and credit qualifications. Rates are subject to daily changes without notice and may not be available at the time of closing. This does not constitute an offer to lend. All loans are subject to credit, income and asset verification. All rates are based on 1st Lien, 360 month term. Conventional rates based on $165K loan amount, 740 FICO and 80% LTV. FHA rates based on $165K loan amount, 740 FICO and 96.5% LTV. Non-conforming rates based on $420K loan amount, 740 FICO and 80% LTV. Interest rates assume a debt obligation of no more than 36%. County restrictions may apply. For a $165,000.00 mortgage loan at a rate of 4.000% (4.130% APR), with a loan-to-value (LTV) of 80%, you would make 360 payments of $787.74. The payment amount would differ if you choose a different loan amount. Payment amount does not include taxes, insurance, flood insurance, and/or mortgage insurance.
Kentucky Mortgage  Rates are subject to qualifying criteria and Mortgage Rates can change without notice.
Assumptions include a 640 or higher credit score for FHA, USDA, KHC,  and 620 credit scores for a VA loan. A loan amount of $100,000.00 is assumed and a 30 day lock required for a Kentucky Mortgage Only.
A 720 credit score or higher is assumed for a Kentucky  Conventional Rate Mortgage loanrates and a loan amount of $100,000.00. The loan to value for Kentucky Conventional loans are assumed at 80% ltv or less.
                         Kentucky  USDA loans require a funding fee upfront and a monthly mortgage insurance premium paid to RHS/USDA. The premium varies based on the loan characteristics, your credit score,    and other factors.

This website  is not a part of, nor are we affiliated with, the VA, FHA/HUD, USDA.  Joel Lobb (NMLS#57916) is a licensed mortgage loan officer in the state of Kentucky
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>Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Programs 2011




Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Programs

Getting a property in Kentucky may be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. Kentucky first time home buyer programs give simple programs for those who are buying a house for the first time.

They help first time home buyers offering programs to assist first time home buyers purchase houses. Using their help you can qualify for low interest rates and reduced tax rates through the first time home buying program. There are US government, state offerings and low down costs loans available to qualified first time buyers and many more options.

Most Kentucky first time home buyer programs include the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Veteran’s Administration (VA) loans.

View the list below of Kentucky first time home buyer programs:

Covington Homebuyer Assistance Program

Fayette County Local Development Corporation First Time Homeowners Assistance Program

Jefferson County Home Ownership Assistance Program

Kentucky FHA Home Loan

Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Loans

Kentucky Rural Home Loan

Kentucky VA Home Loan

Louisville New Construction Home Ownership Program

Multi Counties REACH Inc First Key DownPayment Assistance Program

•Multi Counties- The Center For Women and Families, Inc. Common Wealth Individual Development Account Program”

I offer most of the first time home buyers programs throughout Kentucky. Call me to discuss these programs at 502-905-3708 or email us at kentuckyloan@gmail.com

Click on link to for your free prequalification–5 minutes pre approvals






No Down Payment Required

30 year fixed rate

100% LTV plus the guarantee fee, if financed

Finance Closing Costs, if market value is sufficient

Expanded Ratios of 29/41%

No Mortgage Insurance

No cash contribution required from borrower

Unrestricted gifts

No Maximum Loan Amount – loan amount based on repayment ability of applicant

No Reserve Requirement

High earnings potential

Competitive rates (set by underwriting lenders)

Available secondary markets: wholesale lenders as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Utilize in Conjunction with State Housing Authorities, if available

Rural Development designated rural area:

Homes must be located in rural areas. Rural areas include open country and places with a population of 10,000 or less and-under certain conditions-towns and cities with between 10,000 and 25,000 residents. See the rural area eligibility site at http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov, click on “property eligibility”. If you need additional assistance, please contact your local Rural Development office.

Acceptable credit history:

Have a credit history that indicates a reasonable willingness to meet obligations as they become due

Lender underwrites the loan

No minimum credit scores

Lack of credit is not derogatory

Caution for applicant(s) with multiple layers of risk such as:

payment shock; low credit scores; ratio waiver; credit waivers; 2-1 buy downs

Check maximum income for eligibility:

Applicant(s) have an adjusted household income that does not exceed the moderate income limit established for the area. A family’s income includes the total gross income of the applicant, co-applicant and any other adults in the household. Applicants may be eligible to make certain adjustments to gross income-such as annual child care expenses and $480 for each minor child-in order to qualify. USDA Rural Development field offices can provide information on the moderate income limits for the areas that fall within their jurisdictions, and can provide further guidance on calculating household income. There is an automated eligibility calculator at: http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov


Applicant(s) repayment ability:

The ratio limits are 29 front (housing, PITI), 41 back (total debt, MOTI). Rural Development allows expanded repayment ratios if the applicants have sufficient compensating factors. The underwriter must recommend the expanded ratio(s) and provide compensating factors to Rural Development. Rural Development must concur with the underwriter’s recommendation in order to expand the ratios.

Other eligibility criteria:

Do not own a dwelling

Insufficient resources to secure conventional financing without the guarantee

U.S. citizen or permanent resident or qualified alien

Legal capacity

Primary residence

Loan-To-Value (LTV) and Loan Limit:

100% LTV plus the amount of the guarantee fee, if financed

Loan amount can exceed appraised value by the amount of the guarantee fee

There is no loan limit

-Limiting factors will be ratios and income limit

Property requirements:

New or proposed home construction – stick built, modular, townhouses, condominiums, new manufactured homes.

Existing homes: Meet requirements of HUD Handbooks 4905.1 and 4150.2

New and existing: Private well water quality must meet local and state code.

FHA appraisers in the area can be found on the FHA web site: https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/apprlook.cfm

Existing (previously occupied) manufactured home financed under limited circumstances when home presently financed by USDA.

New manufactured homes: Rural Development will finance new manufactured homes through approved dealer-contractors. Contact your local Rural Development office for a list of approved dealer-contractors and the specifics of how new manufactured homes can be financed.

Modular homes: New or existing modular homes can be financed the same as stick built homes.

Condo: Rural Development can finance if it meets the standards for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, or FHA.

Town home: Same as condo. A town home must have provisions for maintenance such as HOA.

Flood Zone:

Any existing improvements located in a special flood hazard area must have federal flood insurance coverage. New construction is not permitted until a Letter of Map Revision/Amendment is issued by FEMA.

One time guarantee fee based on the final loan amount

This fee can be financed along with other closing costs. The first mortgage guaranteed loan cannot exceed appraised value by more than the amount of the fee financed. No mortgage insurance requirement.

Term: 30 year fixed

Interest Rate:

Fannie Mae 90 day delivery plus 60 basis points rounded to the nearest quarter percent or

The lenders published VA rate with no discount points

Apply today for your USDA Rural Housing Loan in Kentucky for free. No application Fees and same day loan approval.

Prohibited Loan Purposes:

In-ground swimming pools – unless value is deducted from the loan request

Existing manufactured homes

Construction draws

Furniture and personal property

Income producing property

Non-essential buildings and land

Joel Lobb (NMLS#57916)
Senior  Loan Officer
502-905-3708 cell

Kentucky VA Home Loans, Zero Down

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KentuckyVA Home Loans – A great Zero Down home loan program for Kentucky VETERANS. We provide VA home loans in all Counties of Kentucky, including Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green,  Owensboro, Etown, Radcliff, and all Northern Kentucky Counties

VA Loans require no down payment and allow you to qualify for a more expensive home. Plus, today mortgage rates on VA loans are very low, making homes even more affordable.

The VA doesn’t actually make loans. Instead, it insures loans so that if buyers default for some reason, the lenders will get their money. This encourages lenders to give mortgages to people who might not otherwise qualify for a loan.

VA Home Mortgage Loan Advantages vs Other Mortgage Loan OptionsMilitary VA Home Mortgage Loan lender in Minneapolis St Paul MN Milwaukee Madison WI

VA home loans do not require a down payment, unless the purchase price is more than the appraised value or in excess of current loan limits.

VA home loans have limitations on which closing costs may be assessed to the veteran.

VA home loans have no prepaid without penalty.

 Maximum (zero down) VA loan has increased to match conforming loans!

VA home loans may have forbearance extended to worthy VA homeowners experiencing temporary financial difficulty

VA performs personal loan servicing and offers financial counseling to help veterans avoid losing their homes during temporary financial difficulties

Rates are competitive with conventional loan interest rates.

VA home loans do not require mortgage insurance premiums.

Although there is no down payment required – There are still lender closing costs, but the seller usually pays ALL of the veteran’s closing costs (and with a $0 down payment, the veteran can literally purchase a home for nothing).

VA FastTrack IRRRL Streamline Refinace

US FlagWe are sensitive to the needs of our American Veterans. But before you get a VA loan, you will need a Certificate of Eligibility, and your DD-214. If you do not have one, or cannot find it, you must contact the VA to get one. Click HERE for details on how to obtain these forms.

If WE are your lender – we can under most circumstances, get your required Certificate of Eligibility for you for free.

VA Frequently Asked Questions… Click HERE

Eligibility Requirements

World War II 09/16/40 – 07/25/47 90 Days
Peacetime 07/26/47 – 06/26/50 181 Continuous Days
Korean Conflict 06/27/50 – 01/31/55 90 Days
Post Korean 02/01/55 – 08/04/64 181 Continuous Days
Vietnam 08/05/64 – 09/07/80 90 Days
Post Vietnam 05/08/75 – 09/07/80 181 Continuous Days
Enlisted 09/08/80 – 08/01/90 2 Years
Officers 10/17/81 – 08/01/90 2 Years
Persian Gulf 08/02/90 – present 2 Years of period called to active duty, not less than 90 days.

Income Guidelines for VA Home Loans

When buying a home in Kentucky, the VA still requires a borrower to have sufficient and adequate income to cover the repayment of the mortgage.  Before a borrower can be approved for a Kentucky VA home mortgage loan, the stability of income and the continuance of the borrower’s income must be established through acceptable sources of income, the borrower’s past employment record, and the employer’s confirmation of continued employment must be established. 

Stability of a person’s income is generally derived from their employment history.  VA requires verification for the previous two full years and must be documented through lender verifications of previous employment or W-2’s.  This income must be analyzed to determine whether it can be expected to continue through the first 3 years of the mortgage loan (if the borrower intends to retire during this period, the expected retirement income, social security benefits, etc. should be used).  Any gaps in employment must be reasonably explained by the borrower.  Schooling or education for  the borrower’s profession (e.g. nursing school) can be counted towards the 2 year requirement.  Allowances for seasonal employment, such as is typical in the building trades for example, may be used.  


In order for VA to guarantee the home loan in Minnesota or Wisconsin, there is a closing cost assessed by the VA to originate the loan called a funding fee.  This fee will vary, depending upon the type of VA loan, whether this is your first time to use your entitlement, if you are a disabled veteran, the down payment and if you served active duty or in the National Guard/Reserves.

The VA funding fee is required by law. The fee, is intended to enable the veteran who obtains a VA home loan to contribute toward the cost of this benefit, and thereby reduce the cost to taxpayers. The funding fee for second time users is a bit more expensive. The idea of a higher fee for second time use is based on the fact that these veterans have already had a chance to use the benefit once, and also that prior users have had time to accumulate equity or save money towards a down payment.

The following table breaks down the funding fee charged by VA:

First time use, purchase of an eligible property
Down Payment Active Duty Reserves/NG
0% to 4.99% 2.15% 2.4%
5% to 9.99% 1.50% 1.75%
10% + 1.25% 1.50%
Second time use, purchase of an eligible property
Down Payment Active Duty Reserves/NG
0% to 4.99% 3.30% 3.3%
5% to 9.99% 1.50% 1.75%
10% + 1.25% 1.50%


Cash-Out Refinance
  Active Duty Reserves/NG
First Use 2.15% 3.3%
2nd Use 2.40% 3.3%


IRRL Streamline Refinance
  Active Duty Reserves/NG
All Homes .50% .5%
Moble Homes 1.0% 1.0%


An “Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan” (IRRRL) or Streamline Refinance allows Veterans to refinance their current mortgage interest rate to a lower rate than they are currently paying. This program is only available to veterans who are refinancing their original VA mortgage in which they utilized their original eligibility.

Loan  Conditions:

  • The VA charges ½ percent funding fee to guarantee the IRRRL Loan.
  • There is no cash out on an IRRRL loan.
  • The loan being refinanced must be current and have a perfect pay history for the last 12 months.
  • 2nd mortgages cannot be included and must subordinate.
  • No assumptions are allowed.
  • This loan can be done with “no out of pocket money” by including all costs in the new loan or by making the new loan at an interest rate high enough to enable the lender to pay the costs.

VA Cash-Out Refinance

Cash-out refinances on properties owned more than one year prior to the refinance are permitted on owner occupied principal residences only, and are limited to 90% of the appraised value plus the allowable closing costs.

A cash-out refinance is when a borrower refinances their current mortgage for more than they owe in order to pull out the built up equity that has accrued in the home.  The amount a home owner can borrower is limited by the value of the property compared to the loan amount (otherwise known as the loan-to-value or LTV).  

The following are basic requirements of a cash-out VA refinance loan:

  • If the property was purchased less than one year preceding the refinance, the borrower is allowed to refinance up to 90% of the original sales price plus the allowable new closing costs or the appraised value plus the allowable closing costs (whichever is lesser)
  • If the property was purchased more than one year preceding the refinance, the borrower can cash-out 90% of the the appraised value plus the allowable closing costs
  • Applies to owner occupied properties only
  • 2nd mortgages may be paid off with the cash-out refinance (the second mortgage must be at least 12 months old)
  • Loan amounts may not exceed 90% of the appraised value.
  • The borrower must have sufficient entitlement for the loan (not including any existing entitlement that was used for loans to be paid off by the refinance
  • There must be a first lien against the property
  • If the new loan is to refinance an existing mortgage to buy out an ex-spouse’s equity, a divorce decree or settlement agreement must be provided to document the equity awarded to the ex-spouse
  • All borrowers must credit qualify
  • A funding fee of 3.00% will be added to the loan amount at time of closing (there are no refunds for previous funding fees assessed by the VA).
  • Borrower may receive cash proceeds at closing
  • Maximum loan term is 30 years plus 32 days

Louisville KY Mortgage Rates

Louisville KY Mortgage Rates

Louisville Kentuckly  Mortgage rates have fluctuated as a result of declining Louisville KY housing prices and decreasing available credit. People are having a hard time finding good Louisville KY mortgage lenders and good Louisville Ky mortgage brokers to trust with their financial future. When times are tough and you don’t know where to turn, it’s still possible to find the Louisville KY best mortgage rates.

I research the best Louisville Ky mortgage rates daily to  catalogue and organize the best Louisville KY mortgage rates and you can free mortgage request quotes for  yourself! We also make it easy to get a response: fill our our easy mortgage information form for the best Louisville KY mortgage rates information from all of the mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers in the city you’re looking in! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at a house down the South end of  Dixie highway or a street in the east-end of St Matthews – we’ve got some of the the best mortgage rates Iin Louisville Ky

When mortgage companies are competing, you know you’re getting the best mortgage rates possible. All of a sudden, you become the focus and the one in control. With just a little information, buying a home and getting a mortgage turns from a painful process fraught with risks and unreliable brokers into a successful and satisfying conclusion. The best Louisville KY mortgage rates are waiting for you right here, so take a look around at our mortgage rates and compare them for free. I think we offer some of the lowest Louisville KY mortgage prices and mortgage rates.

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Dealing with Mortgages in Kentucky

Dealing with Mortgages

Looking for the Best Mortgage?


Shopping around for a home loan or mortgage will help you to get the best financing deal. A mortgage— whether it’s a home purchase, a refinancing, or a home equity loan—is a product, just like a car, so the price and terms may be negotiable. You’ll want to compare all the costs involved in obtaining a mortgage. Shopping, comparing, and negotiating may save you thousands of dollars.


Find detailed information about the Home Affordable Refinance and Modification programs along with self-assessment tools and calculators to empower borrowers with the resources they need to determine whether they might be eligible for a modification or a refinance under the Administration’s program. Through this website, borrowers can connect with free counseling resources; locate homeowner events in their communities; find a handy checklist of key documents and materials to have ready when making that important call to their servicer.


Agency: Department of the Treasury


Gives you key points to help you choose the mortgage that is best for you. Provides tips on determining your budget, understanding pricing and fees, comparing loan options and gathering information from trusted resources.


Ideas and information on topics such as how to: get the best possible interest rates, avoid paying unnecessary fees, find “emergency” cash at affordable prices, and steer clear of credit-related rip-offs and scams.


This brochure explains how mortgage modification programs can help those at risk of foreclosure save their home.


Agency: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


The Consumer Advisory, issued by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, is designed to help you better understand reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are complex loans, and are secured by your home. It is important to understand their terms, risks, and costs before you sign a reverse mortgage contract. It is also important to consider alternatives to reverse mortgages.

General Audience, Bank Customers

Agency: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


Common types of foreclosure rescue scams, how they work, and what you can do if you are facing foreclosure.


Agency: Office of Thrift Supervision


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s Consumer Advisory provides advice to help prevent borrowers from becoming victims of mortgage modification and foreclosure rescue scams.  It outlines what people should watch out for to avoid mortgage modification and foreclosure rescue scams.  The advisory provides a list of resources people can use to find qualified sources for help and is also published in Spanish.

General Audience, Homeowners

Agency: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency maintains a Web site www.Helpwithmybank.gov, a clearinghouse that provides consumers with answers to more than 250 frequently-asked questions (FAQs) on such financial topics as bank accounts, deposit insurance, credit cards, consumer loans, insurance, mortgages, identity theft, and safe deposit boxes.

General Audience, Bank Customers who need help

Agency: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


This web page provides quick access to several resources to help homeowners, community stakeholders, and the banking industry help prevent unnecessary foreclosures and stop foreclosure “rescue” scams that promise false hope to consumers at risk of losing their homes. For Additional information call toll-free 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342); hearing impaired 1-800-925-4618.

General Public, Homeowners, Educators, Housing Counselors

Agency: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


More Americans feel added stress and anxiety about their financial future as talk of rising consumer debt, falling housing prices, rising costs of living, and declining retail sales bring up worries about the nation’s economic health. Money is often on the minds of most Americans. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association’s 2007 Stress in America survey, money and work are two of the top sources of stress for almost 75 percent of Americans. Add to the mix headlines declaring a looming economic recession, and many begin to fear how they can handle any further financial crunch.


Agency: Department of Agriculture


Learn if a home equity plan is right for you and how to shop for the best plan.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Alerts consumers to potential borrowing pitfalls and provides tips for getting the best financing deal possible. Warns consumers that regardless of whether a home equity loan is for home repair, bill consolidation, or some other purpose, it’s important to shop around.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


Lenders offer home equity credit lines in a variety of ways. The questions and answers listed may help you decide if a home equity line of credit is right for you.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


Explains The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994, what loans are covered, what disclosures are required, and what practices are prohibited.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


Shop for the mortgage package that best meets your financial needs.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Owning a home is part of the American dream, but exotic mortgages also may carry risks. This publication, also available in Spanish, educates homebuyers on the loan terms and risks associated with non-traditional mortgage products.  Read this brochure, prepared by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the federal bank, thrift and credit union regulatory agencies, to find out what I-O mortgage payments and payment option ARMs entail. The brochure includes a worksheet to assist homebuyers when comparing mortgages.

General Audience, Homeowners, Bank Customers

Agency: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


Explains mortgage servicers’ responsibilities, in particular under the RESPA enforced by HUD; urges consumers to keep records of their payments, insurance coverage, and other information; explains how consumers can file disputes with their loan servicer; and includes sample letters that consumers may use when filing a dispute with their lender/servicer or with a credit bureau.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


Explains your rights under Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA), and what to do if your loan is rejected.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


Helps consumers evaluate what to expect in today’s mortgage market.

Dealing with Mortgages



Whether you are buying a house or refinancing your mortgage, this information can help you decide if an interest-only mortgage payment (an I-O mortgage)–or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) with the option to make a minimum payment (a payment-option ARM)–is right for you.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Find out about the risks and advantages of an adjustable rate mortgage. Use the Mortgage Checklist to help with your decision. Handbook is designed to help consumers understand an important and complex mortgage option available to homebuyers.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


The Homeowners Protection Act of 1998 establishes rules for automatic termination and borrower cancellation of Private Mortgage Insurance on home mortgages. Find out if you qualify.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


This Consumer Advisory, issued by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), describes common scams, suggests ways to protect yourself, provides information on U.S. government loan programs and counseling resources, and lists 10 warning signs of a mortgage modification scam.


Agency: Department of the Treasury


For consumers who may be having trouble paying their mortgage. Explains options to help save their homes, and how to recognize and avoid foreclosure scams.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


Explains how various foreclosure rescue scams work, and where consumers can find legitimate help.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


The Federal Reserve Banks have established Foreclosure Resource Centers to help address local and regional challenges in their mortgage markets and local communities. The site contains a map with links to these regional foreclosure centers, where you’ll find resources for small municipalities, housing counselors, and consumer and community groups.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Suggests do’s and don’ts when you are dealing with foreclosure.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


View a 30-second ad from the Federal Reserve Board directing consumers to free foreclusure prevention resources on the agency web site.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


This website provides information that may be helpful to consumers, financial institutions, and the community groups working with them on foreclosure-related issues. 

Homeowners, General Public, Housing Counselors

Agency: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


This booklet explains how property owners can avoid losing their homes because of delinquent payments.


Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development


Whether you’re in foreclosure now or worried about it in the future, we have the information that can help.


Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development


Includes terms, tips, a checklist, and information to help you find a plan that meet your needs, and protect your interests.


Agency: Federal Trade Commission


Practical information and resources to help you make your mortgage payments and keep your home.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Compare monthly mortgage payments and the amount of equity you’ll build for up to six types of fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages.


Agency: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


FDIC Consumer News provides practical guidance on how to become a smarter, safer user of financial services. Consumer News articles issued in 2009 and beyond are being adapted for audio. Individuals are able to click the desired issue to download or listen to the articles in that issue; go to http://treas.gov/cgi-bin/redirect.cgi?http://www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/news/audio/index.html

General Public

Agency: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


The form used by a consumer to file a complaint about a thrift or savings association.


Agency: Office of Thrift Supervision

Jefferson County Kentucky Foreclosures Information

Jefferson County Kentucky Foreclosures Information


Free Mortgage Application less than 5 minutes. Apply today for your next Louisville Kentucky Mortgage

Frequently Asked Questions

The Commissioner’s Office cannot give legal advice.  The following are frequently asked questions that are procedural:

.margin { MARGIN-LEFT: 15px } [-] I just purchased property at the commissioner sale. What do I need to do now?

Discuss with an attorney the necessity for a title search. Thirty (30) days from the date of sale one-fourth (1/4) of the bid price, including deposit paid the day of sale, needs to be paid into the Commissioner’s Office. Six (6) months from the date of sale the balance of the bid price needs to be paid. Interest is 12% per annum on the unpaid balance.

[-] When do I get access to the property?

You are entitled to possession of the property after the Report of Sale has been confirmed by the Court. This can happen any time ten (10) days after the Report of Sale has been filed in the Court record.

[-] How do I get keys to the property?

Through the party whose judgment under which the property was sold or its attorney.

[-] What happens after all liens have been satisfied and there is money left over?

The original property owners have a right to those funds.

[-] Someone is still living in the home. What should I do?

If they refuse to leave, the Court can enter a writ of possession directing the sheriff of Jefferson County to set the individuals and their property out.

[-] I cannot meet the 30-day or six-month deadlines. What should I do?

Contact the attorney for the party under whose judgment the property was sold.

[-] What if the Commissioner’s Sale brings less than two-thirds (2/3rds) of the appraisal?

The homeowner has a one year right of redemption.

[-] What is a right of redemption?

It is a right held by the property owner giving them one year to repay to the purchaser the amount of money paid into the Commissioner plus 10% per annum. KRS 426.530

[-] Whose name is on the Commissioner’s deed?

The Commissioner’s deed will be in the name of the purchaser at the Commissioner’s Sale. If the purchaser desires it be titled otherwise, the purchaser can file an Assignment of Bid in the Court record and the deed will then be titled in the assignee’s name.

[-] How do I make payments to the Commissioner’s Office for my bid price?

Only in cash or certified funds for the sale day deposit and only certified funds thereafter.

[-] Where are the sales conducted?

Usually on the first floor of the Old Jail Building, 514 West Liberty Street, Louisville, Kentucky. On occasion if they are held elsewhere, notice may be obtained from the Commissioner’s Office or this website.

[-] Can I inspect the property before the Commissioner’s Sale?

Only if the individuals in possession allow it (or by contacting the attorney for the party who has a Judgment and Order of Sale) if the property is vacant.

[-] Is the property insured?

It is the responsibility of the purchaser at the Commissioner’s Sale to insure the property, to the extent of the purchaser’s interest, until purchaser takes full title.

[-] Where can I get a list of foreclosure actions filed in Jefferson County or placed on a mailing list?

No such list is maintained. The Commissioner’s Office does not create a mailing list or mail information to individuals.

[-] When do I get the deed to the property?

You will need to move the court for a deed, tender an order, and pay the purchase price plus interest.

[-] If my post-purchase title search shows liens by entities not parties to the litigation?

File in the Court record an objection to confirmation of sale. This will bring the lienholder issue to the Court for resolution.

[-] What happens if I fail to pay the full balance of my bid price?

You run the risk of losing any monies you have paid up to that point and if the property sells the second time for less than what you paid for it, you might be liable for the difference.

[-] Can I get my deposit back if I do not like the property or if I cannot get financing?


[-] Is a bond necessary from the purchaser?

Yes. The bond requirement can be satisfied with either a corporate surety or if a property owner, not having an interest in the litigation, signs a bond pleading real estate located in Jefferson County. KRS 426.705


KHC’s First Mortgage Government Loan Products

KHC’s First Mortgage Government Loan Products

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Minimum 640 credit score required.

Financing to 96.50% of lesser of sales price or appraised value.

All KHC DAPs and other KHC-approved secondary financing may be used.

Maximum 6% seller-paid items.

Maximum ratios of 40/45 with AUS approval.

28 for HUD’s full policy.

All borrowers must be scored by TOTAL and receive approve/eligible or accept/accept.

Lender must follow the FHA maximum mortgage limits for particular area

see https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/hicostlook.cf

just follow Upfront and Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums Guidelines (see information below).

Upfront and Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Loan Terms Greater than 15 Years

Case numbers on or after Monday, April 18, 2011

LTV less than or equal to 95%

1% annual 1.10 monthly

LTV greater than 95%

1% annual 1.15 monthly


Minimum 660 credit score required

Maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is 80%.

Maximum ratios 40/45 with AUS approval.

No down payment assistance products may be used. Borrower must meet down payment requirements with their own funds or a gift.

Federal Home Loan Bank monies allowed once borrower meets the 20% down payment requirement. Must be entered as subordinate

financing in DU/LP.

Pre-purchase education required as per AUS findings.

Not available for manufactured housing.

Appraiser Independence required (see page 4).

KHC does not presently have a product for 81% LTV or greater.

Rural Housing Services (RHS)

Minimum 640 credit score required.

Financing to 100% of the appraised value, plus guarantee fee of 3.5%.

All KHC DAP programs and other KHC-approved secondary financing may be used.

No maximum on seller-paid items.

Ratio requirements and guarantee fee per agency guidelines.

KHC will accept Government Underwriting System (GUS) findings, including reduced documentation and, with approval, expanded

ratios up to 40/45.

Veteran’s Administration (VA)

Minimum 640 credit score required.

Ratios up to 40/45% with AUS Approval.

Financing to 100% of the lesser of the appraised value or sale price.

All KHC DAP programs and other KHC-approved secondary financing may be used.

Maximum 4% seller-paid items.

Follow agency guidelines for ratio requirements and funding fee.

>FHA to increase the FHA monthly mortgage insurance (Kentucky)


FHA to increase the FHA monthly mortgage insurance (Kentucky)

Why the changes? HUD wants to strengthen the FHA’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund, known as the MMIF. They want to see the fund financially sound. Also, there is no change to the Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium of 1 percent.
Old verse New Monthly Mortgage Insurance Changes
This chart is from Mortgagee Letter 11-10 – Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium Changes –
As you can see by the red arrow, indicating that this goes into effect on April 18th, not April 4th. HUD must have revised the date after they did the charts. So what does this all mean to those refinancing or buying new homes with a FHA mortgage?
This is based on a $250,000 sales price and the end result is that it would cost the buyer$50.26 more in their total monthly mortgage payment. You can also look at it from the flip side when qualifying buyers. This could lower the new buyers purchasing power by about $9,000. Meaning, instead of the $250,000 purchase price in the example, they can now afford a $241,000 home.
This new change is for your primary 1 to 4 unit properties. This change does not affect Title 1 loans, the HECM loan (reverse mortgages – which I am writing about tomorrow), the HOPE loan, and a few other types of FHA loans. This can also be found in the new FHA mortgagee letter 11-10.
Here is a quick breakdown of different purchase prices just to give you an idea.

Fill out my form!

100% Rural Housing loan in Kentucky

100% Rural Housing loan in Kentucky

Do you realize that a 1 -4 person household can have income of $74,050, and a 5-8 person household up to $97,750 and qualify for a 100% Rural Housing loan in Kentucky?


And, do you realize that qualifying income limits may be pushed even HIGHER using standard eligible deductions including child care expenses, deductions for members of household under 18 and more (use the calculator and select income eligibility at http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov to find more exemptions)   


Many, many more properties are eligible than most people realize, and the pricing is great with only two possible adjustments, and it’s a super easy loan to process…with only one other form that a conventional loan, and turn times are excellent these days!!!


Check out Rural Housing, an unbelievably great loan for both you and your borrower!!!


A few highlights and sample pricing below


No monthly mortgage insurance

Loans up to 100% of appraised value

6% seller concessions for closing costs and prepaids

Minimum credit score 620

Maximum DTI of 50%

Conventional loan packaging with only 1 extra form


Kentucky Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac First Time Home Buyer Education Requirements

 Kentucky Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac First Time Home Buyer Education Requirements

 Kentucky Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Home Possible Education Requirements

Home Possible

® Mortgages Homeownership Education Requirements

Home Possible homeownership education requirements, including:

 • AIG United Guaranty’s

The Road to Home Ownership® at https://www.ugcorp.com/rtho.html

Genworth Financial’s homebuyer education series at http://mortgageinsurance.genworth.com/EmergingMarkets/HomebuyerEducation.aspx

 • MGIC’s Buyers Ed program at http://www.mgic.com/education/buyersed.html

 • PMI’s homebuyer education at


• RMIC’s pre-homeownership education course at http://www.rmic.com/productsandservices/prehomeownershiped/borrowereducation/Pages/default.aspx

 Homeownership Education Providers

 Many affiliates/members of national organizations provide homeownership education and counseling:


• NeighborWorks® America at


• Housing Partnership Network at www.housingpartnership.net

 • National Council of La Raza at www.nclr.org

 • National Urban League at www.nul.org

 • Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s (LISC) at www.liscnet.org

 • The Enterprise Foundation at


• National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development at



Other Helpful Resources

 The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) lists non-profit organizations with HUD-approved counselors at http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/hcc/hcs.cfm?weblistaction=summary. We recommend that this HUD designation be considered along with other factors when deciding if a specific homeownership education program is sufficient

 Guidance on Additional Sources for Homeownership Education

 We recommend utilizing a comprehensive curriculum containing the minimum core content specified by the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling (www.homeownershipstandards.com). Those topics include:


• Assessing Readiness to Buy a Home

• Budgeting and Credit

• Financing a Home

• Selecting a Home

• Maintaining a Home and Finances

• Budgeting for Homeownership

• Sustaining Homeownership and Avoiding Delinquency


Freddie Mac’s CreditSmart Resources

 Several CreditSmart (www.freddiemac.com/creditsmart) modules can be combined and deployed as live, instructor-led sessions by your organization, provided the following modules are included:


Louisville Ky Down Payment Assistance Program Mortgage

Call today to see if you qualify for downpayment grant 905-3708

Louisville Ky Down Payment Assistance Program Mortgage

The Down Payment Assistance Program provides qualified homebuyers a loan to assist with purchasing a home which will be their primary residence.

Homebuyer households must have income no greater than 80% of median income, adjusted for family size.

All Homebuyers must complete HUD approved homeownership counseling before assistance can be committed. A Certificate of Completion from the counseling agency must be submitted with the application. Contact  us at 502-905-3708 or email us at kentuckyloan@gmail.com The  Government has revised its Down Payment Assistance Program increasing the amount of assistance.

We are now offering Metro Wide assistance, and homebuyers may qualify for a forgivable mortgage which will be forgiven over a five (5) year period of 10% of the purchase price of the home to a maximum of $4000 to  $10,000.

Our Department has also allocated closing cost assistance in the amount of up to $2,000 for down payment assistance programs; however, homebuyers must pay all prepaid costs from their own funds.

502-905-3708—call today for free application–

Homebuyers are responsible for obtaining primary financing with a fixed rate mortgage from a reputable lender.

A Housing Quality Standards inspection will be conducted by a Louisville Metro inspector before closing. All deficiencies must be corrected and verified by re-inspection prior to closing

HUD-1 closing statement must be received two working days (48 hours) prior to closing.

Applications will be accepted at any time. Assistance is granted on a first come, first serve basis. For more information about the Down Payment Assistance Program, please call 502-905-3708

email us today for your free mortgage loan application—kentuckyloan@gmail.com

Louisville Ky Down Payment Assistance Program Mortgage

Kentucky FHA/VA, USDA, KHC, Conventional mortgage loans (Fannie Mae )in Ky.

Kentucky FHA/VA, USDA, KHC, Conventional mortgage loans (Fannie Mae )in Ky.

 Louisville Ky Featured Mortgage Professional

Joel Lobb
Key Financial Mortgage
107 South Husrtbourne Parkway Louisville Ky 40222

Specializing in Kentucky FHA/VA, USDA, KHC, Conventional mortgage loans (Fannie Mae )in Ky. He has helped over 389 Kentucky families buy their first home and refinance their current mortgage for a lower rate; Free credit report and Free pre-approvals within 1 hour..Call today at 502-905-3708 or email at kentuckyloan@gmail.com NMLS#57916

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>4 Things Every Borrower Needs to Get Approved for a Mortgage or Home Loan In Kentucky

>4 Things Every Borrower Needs to Get Approved for a Mortgage or Home Loan In Kentucky

FHA VA KHC, Conventional, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

4 Things Every Borrower Needs to know to Get Approved for a Loan!!!!

There are 4 basic things that a borrower needs to show a lender in order to get approved for a mortgage. Each category has so many what ifs and sub plots that each box can read as it’s own novel. In other words, each category has so many variables that can affect what it takes to get approved, but without further adieu here are the four categories in no particular order as each without any of these items, you’re pretty much dead in the water:

1. Income

You need income. You need to be able to afford the home. Without it, forget it! But what is acceptable income? Basically, it all depends on the type of loan that a borrower applies for. Jumbo, V.A., USDA, FHA, Conventional, Kentucky Housing KHC Super Jumbo? Let’s just say that there are two ratios:

First Ratio – The first ratio, top ratio or housing ratio. Basically that means out of all the gross monthly income you make, that no more that X percent of it can go to your housing payment. The housing payment consists of Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance. Whether you escrow or not every one of these items are factored into your ratio. There are a lot of exceptions to how high you can go, but let’s just say that if your ratio is 33% or less, generally, across the board, you’re safe.

Second Ratio- The second ratio, bottom ratio or debt ratio includes the housing payment, but also adds all of the monthly debts that the borrower has. So, it includes housing payment as well as every other debt that a borrower may have. This would include, Auto loans, credit cards, student loans, personal loans, child support, alimony….basically any consistent outgoing debt that you’re paying on. Again, if you’re paying less than 43% of your gross monthly income to all of the debts, plus your proposed housing payment, then……generally, you’re safe. You can go a lot higher in this area, but there are a lot of caveats when increasing your back ratio.

What qualifies as income? Basically, it’s income that has at least a proven, two year history of being received and pretty high assurances that the income is likely to continue for at least three years. What’s not acceptable?????? Cash income, short term income and income that’s not likely to continue.

2. Assets

For the most part this is fairly simple. Do you have enough assets to put the money forth to qualify for the downpayment that the particular program asks for. USDA says that there can be no money down. FHA, for now, has a 3.5% downpayment. Some loans require 20% down. These assets need to be validated through bank accounts and sometimes gifts. Can you borrower the down payment? Sometimes. Generally if you’re borrowing a secured loan against a secured asset you can use that. But rarely can cash be used as an asset. TALK TO YOUR LOAN OFFICER FIRST when discussing what’s acceptable?

3. Credit
Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This can be the bane to every borrower, every loan officer and every lender……and yes, to every realtor. How many times has a borrower said my credit’s good, only to find out that it’s not nearly as good as a borrower thinks or nearly as good as the borrower needs. Big stuff for sure. 620 is the bottom score (again with few exceptions) that lenders will permit. Below a 620, then you’re in a world of hurt. Even at 620, people consider you a higher risk that other folks and are going to penalize you or your borrower with a more expensive loan. 700 is when you really start to get in the “as a lender we love you” credit score. 720 is even better. Watch your credit!!!!! Check out my post:

Kentucky Housing VA FHA KHC USDA and FNMA all require 620 credit score!

4. Appraisal

In many ways this is the easiest box. Why????? Generally, there’s nothing you can do to affect this. Bottom line here is…..”is the value of the house at least the value of what you’re paying for it?” If not, then not good things start to happen. Generally you’ll find less issues with values on purchase transactions, because, in theory, the realtor has done an accurate job of valuing the house prior to taking the listing. The big issue comes in refinancing. In purchase transactions, the value is determined as the

Lower of the value or the contract price!!!

That means that if you buy a $1,000,000 home for $100,000, the value is established at $100,000. Conversely, if you buy a $200,000 home and the value comes in at $180,000 during the appraisal, then the value is established at $180,000. Big issues….Talk to your loan officer.

For each one of these boxes, there are over 1,000 things that can effect if a borrower has reached the threshold to complete that box. Soooooooooooo…..talk to a great loan officer. There are so many loan officers that don’t know what they’re doing. But, conversely, there’s a lot of great ones as well. Your loan is so important! Get a great lender so that you know, for sure, that the loan you want, can be closed on!

Call me today at Key Financial Mortgage for your free pre-approval for your next home or refinance…Call 502-905-3708 or kentuckyloan@gmail.com

I can answer your questions and usually get you pre-approved the same day.

I can be reached at my Louisville Ky office at 502-905-3708 Ask for Joel

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates

I specialize in Kentucky FHA/VA ,USDA, KHC, and Fannie Mae mortgage loans in Ky. I have helped over 589 Kentucky families buy their first Kentucky home and refinance their current mortgage for a lower rate on their Kentucky Mortgage; For the Kentucky first time buyer with little money, Kentucky Housing/KHC offers(zero-down)loans with downpayment assistance. Free credit/pre-approvals in 1 hour Call me today at 502-905-3708 or email kentuckyloan@gmail.com I compare Kentucky Mortgage Rates daily to get you best rates in Ky

Joel Lobb nmls #57916 (Licesned Mortgage Originator KY)  Key Financial Mortgage (Mortgage Broker Lic #1800

Mortgage Insurance Rates Increasing on Louisville Kentucky FHA Loans

Mortgage Rates Kentucky « Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Loan

Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loans Guidelines

Mortgage Insurance Rates Increasing on FHA Loans.

Mortgage Insurance Rates Increasing on FHA Loans in Louisville Kentucky


FHA Mortgage Insurance Rates Will Be Going Up on All New FHA loans in Louisville Kentucky Assigned April 9, 2012 and After.

FHA Loans are loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These insured loans minimize the risk lenders face by allowing buyers a down payment less than 20% of the price of the home. FHA Loans offer features that are attractive to many home buyers such as:

  • Low Down Payment – as low as 3.5% of the purchase price of the home
  • Low Closing Costs – closing costs, mortgage insurance and other fees can be included in the loan
  • Easier Credit Qualifications – those who don’t have the credit score or history to qualify for a conventional loan may qualify for FHA financing

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Fed Raises Mortgage Interest Rates and Projects Three More Hikes in 2018 & 2019

Kentucky Mortgage Rates for FHA, VA, KHC, USDA,
FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie Mae and KHC Mortgage Rates in Kentucky 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 10 year fixed rate mortgage loans in Kentu
10602 Timberwood Circle, Suite 3
Louisville, KY 40223
Phone: 5029053708 http://mylouisvillekentuckymortgage.com
Current Interest Rates

Fixed Rate Programs
[ Adjustable Rate Programs ]

Rates as of January 24, 2018 11:27:20 AM Old Date? Lock
days Qualifying
Program Rate Points APR
Conforming 30 year FRM 3.750 1.000 4.987 30 35 / 45
rates subject to underwriting credit criteria-
Conforming 15 year FRM 3.375 1.000 3.984 30 35 / 45
rates subject to underwriting credit criteria-
FHA 30 year FRM 3.250 1.000 4.874 30 35 / 50
rates subject to underwriting credit criteria-
FHA 20 year FRM 3.500 1.000 4.425 30 28 / 50
rates subject to underwriting credit criteria-
FHA 15 year FRM 3.250 1.000 4.187 30 35 / 50
rates subject to underwriting credit criteria-
VA 30 Year FRM 3.250 1.000 4.379 30 41 / 41
rates subject to underwriting credit criteria-
VA 15 Year FRM 3.250 1.000 4.987 30 0 / 0
rates subject to underwriting credit criteria-

Adjustable Rate Programs

Rates as of January 24, 2018 11:27:20 AM Old Date? Lock
days Qualifying
Program Rate Points APR Index Margin Caps
Please note:
This is not an advertisement for credit as defined by paragraph 226.24 of regulation Z.
APR calculations based on a loan amount of $200,000 for conforming loans, $500,000 for jumbo loans and a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 80%.
Rates, points and programs are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed.
Rates Last Updated: 1/6/2018 10:50:17 AM

This web page is designed and maintained by Mortgage-X.com

Rates expected to upsurge to 4.6% in 2018 and over 5% in 2019 and 2020.

Fed Raises Mortgage Interest Rates and Projects Three More Hikes in 2018 and 2019.

2017 has been quite a ride for Mortgage Interest rates in the US. While some months, saw a decrease in rates, others saw an increase owing to the rate hikes by the FED. The US economy saw the third interest hike of 2017 with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point on Wednesday (Dec 13) and is projecting three more hikes in 2018 and two more in 2019. Also, according to a recent Housingwire article, top economists at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) predict purchase mortgage volume will grow, while refinances will decrease as interest rates continue to rise. Mortgage interest rates are expected to upsurge to 4.6% in 2018 and exceed 5% by 2020.  This does raise a question about borrowers’ ability to handle growing rates as well…

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2017 Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grant for $10,000 from Kentucky Housing

Fannie Mae Mortgage Student Loan Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Fannie, Fannie Mae, Fannie Mae Homepath, Fannie Mae New Lending Guidelines for Kentucky, First Time Home Buyer in Kentucky Zero Down, First Time Home Buyer Loans–Kentucky, First Time Home Buyer Programs Louisville Kentucky, Kentucky Fannie Mae REO Homes For Sale – HomePath.com, Louisville First Time Buyer Mortgages, Louisville First Time Buyers, Louisville Kentucky First Time Home Buyer, Refinance Fannie Mae Loan, STUDENT LOANS and tagged 2017 fannie mae student loan changes, conventional loan guidelines student loans, kentucky student loans, STUDENT LOANS

Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Loan Programs for FHA, VA, KHC, USDA, RHS, Fannie Mae Home Mortgage Loans in Kentucky for 2018


Fannie Mae Student Loan Solutions Frequently Asked Questions
Listed below are common questions about Fannie Mae’s Student Loan Solutions.
Q1. How does Fannie Mae anticipate Student Loan Solutions will benefit
Forty-four million Americans today have student loan debt; seven in 10 graduates
of public and nonprofit colleges in 2015 had student loan debt; and recent
graduates averaged $34,000 in student loan debt.*
The Student Loan Solutions referenced in the Announcement address
challenges and obstacles to homeownership due to a significant increase in
student loan debt over the past decade and provide access to credit for qualified
borrowers. The new solutions give homeowners the opportunity to pay off one or
more student loans with a lower cost mortgage refinance, allow borrowers to
exclude certain monthly obligations paid by others from debt-to-income (DTI)
ratio, and make it more likely for borrowers with student debt to qualify for a
mortgage loan by…

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Fannie Mae recently announced some changes to student loans that will help more Kentucky Home Buyers Qualify.

Fannie Mae recently announced some changes to student loans that will help more Kentucky Home Buyers Qualify.

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Loans


Fannie Mae recently announced some changes to the Selling Guide. The following changes are effective immediately for loans submitted to Crescent under Fannie Mae’s requirements.
Student Loan Payments

If a payment is provided on the credit report, that amount can be used for qualifying purposes. If the credit report does not identify a payment amount (or reflects $0), the lender may use either 1% of the outstanding balance, or a calculated payment that will fully amortize the loan based on documented loan repayment terms.
Debts Paid by Others
Documentation requirements to exclude a NON-MORTGAGE debt from qualifying ratios have been simplified. Non-mortgage debts included installment loans, student loans, and other monthly debts as defined in the Fannie Mae Guide. When documentation is provided to show the debt has been satisfactorily paid by another party for the past 12 months, then the debt can be excluded from the debt-to-income ratio calculation…

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New Fannie Mae Homes in Kentucky for Sale On the Homepath Program Foreclosures

Address Location Type Status Price Beds Baths
Previous Next
136 W Main St
Mount Sterling, KY
Single Family Under Contract $60,000 5 2
1660 Ecton Rd
Winchester, KY
Single Family Under Contract $62,500 4 2
328 Hillrise Dr
Monticello, KY
Single Family Under Contract $65,000 3 2
502 E Main St
Vine Grove, KY
Single Family Active $67,900 3 1
103 S Henderson Dr
Fulton, KY
Single Family Active $69,900 3 3
424 E Union St
Hartford, KY
Single Family Under Contract $69,900 4 2
9213 New Maple Rd
Louisville, KY
Single Family Price Reduced $71,900 3 1
6003 Murnan Rd
Newport, KY
Single Family Under Contract $72,500 3 2
1927 Brooklyn Chapel Rd
Morgantown, KY
Single Family Price Reduced $72,900 3 2
112 Valley Brook Dr
Frankfort, KY
Single Family Active $75,000 3 2
520 E 20th St
Covington, KY
Single Family Under Contract $75,500 4 2
10802 Milwaukee Way
Louisville, KY
Single Family Active $76,000 3 2
4421 Mcgill Dr
Louisville, KY
Single Family Active $76,900 4 2 First Look Program
7 Welby Rd
Louisville, KY
Single Family Back on Market $78,500 2 1
120 Ridgemont Rd
Paducah, KY
Single Family Active $79,000 3 3
711 N Lakeview Dr
Louisville, KY
Single Family Active $81,500 2 1
12 Crestwood Ave
Newport, KY
Single Family Active $82,900 2 1
2115 Joyce Ave
Newport, KY
Single Family Active $82,900 2 1
5973 Madisonville Rd
Hopkinsville, KY
Single Family Under Contract $82,900 3 2
102 Poppy Ct
Radcliff, KY
Single Family Under Contract $87,500 3 2
10 Kenil Ct
Louisville, KY
Single Family Under Contract $87,900 3 1
64 Seymour Ln
Horse Cave, KY
Single Family Price Reduced $88,900 3 2
21 Highway 578 N
Annville, KY
Single Family Active $89,900 4 2
488 E Frogtown Rd
Walton, KY
Single Family Just Listed $89,900 2 1 First Look Program
421 Newby Rd
Richmond, KY
Single Family Active $92,900 4 2
3603 Shadyside Dr
Erlanger, KY
Single Family Under Contract $95,000 3 1
3506 Tyrone Dr
Louisville, KY
Single Family Under Contract $96,500 4 1
1983 Cathy Ln
Lexington, KY
Single Family Price Reduced $99,900 3 1
145 Douglas Ave W
Stanford, KY
Single Family Under Contract $105,000 3 2
931 Robin Cir
Radcliff, KY
Single Family Active $107,000 3 2
1520 Bryan Rd
Boaz, KY
Single Family Under Contract $109,000 4 3
3731 Stanton Blvd
Louisville, KY
Single Family Under Contract $115,000 3 2
727 Agawam Rd
Winchester, KY
Single Family Under Contract $117,500 4 3
114 Dakota Cir
Carrollton, KY
Single Family Back on Market $119,900 3 2 First Look Program
1557 Dunbar Leetown Rd
Morgantown, KY
Single Family Active $124,500 3 2
2301 Paris Rd
Mount Sterling, KY
Single Family Just Listed $129,900 3 2 First Look Program
1338 Lewis Creek Ln
Beaver Dam, KY
Single Family Just Listed $129,900 3 2 First Look Program
843 Button Knob Rd
Liberty, KY
Single Family Under Contract $135,000 4 2
313 Shakers Landing Rd
Harrodsburg, KY
Single Family Under Contract $142,500 3 2
145 Copperas Lick Br
Prestonsburg, KY
Single Family Just Listed $142,900 3 2.5 First Look Program
9145 Flagg Springs Pike
Alexandria, KY
Single Family Back on Market $144,500 4 3
926 S Woodland Dr
Radcliff, KY
Single Family Active $144,900 3 2
231 Turkey Run Dr
Bowling Green, KY
Single Family Under Contract $155,000 3 2
46 Summershade Dr
Elizabethtown, KY
Single Family Active $157,500 3 2
10520 Pinoak View Dr
Louisville, KY
Single Family Under Contract $161,000 3 2
2250 Clearwater Dr
Lawrenceburg, KY
Single Family Active $165,000 3 3
10445 Calvary Rd
Independence, KY
Single Family Under Contract $167,500 3 2
2401 Venetian Way
Burlington, KY
Single Family Under Contract $169,900 3 3
147 Owl Creek Ln
Shepherdsville, KY
Single Family Active $179,900 3 2
114 Annette Dr
Richmond, KY
Single Family Under Contract $185,000 5 3

The 23 Questions We Asked at Mortgage Pre-Approval

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Loan Officer originating FHA, VA, KHC, Rural Housing, USDA, Fannie Mae Mortgage Loans.

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Loans

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